• Wocommerce Product Samples

    Sell or Give Samples of WooCommerce Products. This plugin enables your to promote your products by offering samples of woocommerce products. Giving away stuff for free or selling them cheap might seem counterintuitive – but it’s actually a practical business strategy that carries big payoffs in the long run.

  • WooCommerce Product Hover Carousel

    WooCommerce plugin that adds a carousel on WooCommerce shop and archive pages that is revealed when you hover over the main product image. To show the desired images in the carousel, simply add images to WooCommerce product gallery images. This plugin is ideal if you'd like to display more than one image on shop and product archives.

  • WP Child Pages

    This Plugin displays child pages of the parent page it is placed on. Display your child pages by widget or visual shortcode. If there are no child pages, the widget or shortcode will not show. Via the options you can set whether you want to display title, content limited by number of characters, set size of featured thumbnail.

  • WP Social Networks Widget

    Display Icons of social network sites that linkback to social network profiles. Supports following icons: google-plus, facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, instagram, github, rss, pinterest, flickr, bitbucket, tumblr, dribbble, vimeo, wordpress, reddit, stumbleupon, behance, delicious, digg.